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Available colours

Portadecor veneer



Hollow chipboard core. Preparation for shortening in 4.0 model maximum 60 mm. Size '100' requires third hinge.


The door leaf consists of: a wide, painted panel and a narrow stile covered with Natural or synthetic Veneer. Glazed model with tempered glass or black laminated safety glass (option at extra charge) with a thickness of 8 mm, which is a structural element of the door leaf thickness. White painted part - satin smooth painted surface achieved by UV Paint technology. Part in Natural Veneer - is protected by ecological water-based varnishes, hardened with UV technology (semi-matt).


  • Two 3D hinges
  • lock: key lock, WC lock, or cylinder lock


  • PORTA SYSTEM ELEGANCE in Premium plus UV Paint or in the panel colour
  • PORTA SYSTEM ELEGANCE 90 degrees in Premium plus UV Paint or in the panel colour
  • LEVEL finished with Premium Plus UV Paint


  • Norm PN EN 14351-2:2018-12
  • Double doors are available in any door leaf size combinations
  • Magnetic lock is not available for a double door
  • There are two door leaves (active and passive, sizes 60-100) in double leaf doors
  • Black glazing is availablefor model 4.A
  • Fixed size of glass, model 4.A
  • Hinges - packed with a door frame


  • size '100'
  • ventilation undercut
  • black glass panel - model 4.A
  • magnetic lock with stainless steel faceplate
  • magnetic lock: white, black
  • magnetic lock: gold
  • third 3D hinge silver, white, black (extra charge to the frame price)
  • third 3D hinge - gold (extra charge added to door frame price)
  • gold 3D hinges (extra charge added to door frame price)
  • handle with an escutcheon