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Folding, sliding doors METAL

Portadecor veneer / Beech Bavaria


Folding, sliding doors. Collection METAL model


Portadecor veneer ?
  • Colour of Beech Bavaria
Portadecor veneer ?
  • Colour of White
  • Colour of Beech Bavaria
  • Colour of Walnut
  • Colour of White Walnut
  • Colour of Walnut Verona 2
  • Colour of Wenge
  • Colour of Cherry
  • Colour of Oak Catania
Portasynchro 3D veneer ?
  • Colour of Honey Acacia
  • Colour of Silver Acacia
  • Colour of Dark Oak
  • Colour of Scarlet Oak
  • Colour of Norwegian Pine
  • Colour of Wenge White
Portadur veneer ?
  • Colour of Walnut 2
  • Colour of Walnut 3
  • Colour of Walnut 4
  • Colour of Walnut 5
CPL HQ 0.2 veneer ?
  • Colour of White
  • Colour of Beech Porta
  • Colour of Oak Milano 4
  • Colour of Oak Milano 5
  • Colour of Walnut
  • Colour of White Walnut
  • Colour of Walnut Modena 1
  • Colour of Grey Euroinvest
  • Colour of Anthracite HPL CPL
  • Colour of Concrete Dark
  • Colour of Concrete Light
  • Colour of Structure Dark
  • Colour of Natural Oak
  • Colour of Natural walnut (matt)
  • Colour of Sandstone
  • Colour of Black
  • Colour of Hikora
  • Colour of Sand Beech
Natural select veneer ?
  • Colour of Oak
  • Colour of Dark Walnut
  • Colour of Black
Natural satin veneer ?
  • Colour of Mocca
  • Colour of Nero
  • Colour of Tabacco
  • Colour of Bright Oak
  • Colour of Dark Brown Oak
  • Colour of Winchester Oak
  • Colour of White Oak
  • Colour of Oak 1
Premium Varnish ?
  • Colour of White Premium
  • Colour of White Oak
  • Colour of Sand Oak
  • Colour of Brown Oak
  • Colour of Halifax Natural
  • Colour of Oak 1
  • Colour of Oak white
  • Colour of Natural Oak


Wall system for sliding doors.The metal wall system for sliding doors is designed to support any interior door leaf (in sliding ’version’) where the concept of the interior or limited space excludes the use of side-hung door.


The complete system consists of: a Large Angle-bar door frame installed onto a 100 mm wide wall made in the ’tunnel’ version (without hinges, lock aperture and seal groove); a rail with sliding elements; a rail covering and a fender beam. All elements are manufactured of galvanized steel sheets and delivered ina cardboard box to be assembled on site.


  • Self-adhesive brush sealing strip
  • Floor-mounted component guiding and vertically stabilising the door leaf


Metal folding doorframe made in ’tunel’ version:

  • „60”, „70”, „80”, „90” „100”

The set is available as universal (without the left or right side) and is made in a version to set on a completed floor surface – level “0”.
The direction of the door leaf movement can be changed after the fender beam is moved to the left or the right side of the door frame.


  • Technical Approval AT-15-7458/2012, ITB Warszawa.


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