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Interior entrance doors QUARTZ
model Solid

Gladstone/Halifax board / Sand Oak


Interior entrance doors. Collection QUARTZ model Solid


CPL HQ 0,7 laminate ?
  • Colour of Concrete dark
  • Colour of Concrete light
  • Colour of Grey Euroinvest
  • Colour of Structure Dark
  • Colour of Oak Milano 5
  • Colour of Walnut Modena 1
  • Colour of Anthracite HPL CPL
  • Colour of Black
  • Colour of Oak Milano 4
  • Colour of Walnut White
  • Colour of Hikora
CPL HQ 0.2 veneer ?
  • Colour of Concrete Dark
  • Colour of Concrete Light
  • Colour of Grey Euroinvest
  • Colour of Structure Dark
  • Colour of Walnut Modena 1
  • Colour of Oak Milano 5
  • Colour of Black
  • Colour of Anthracite HPL CPL
  • Colour of Hikora
  • Colour of Oak Milano 4
  • Colour of White Walnut
  • Colour of White
Gladstone/Halifax board?
  • Colour of Brown Oak
  • Colour of Sand Oak
Portaperfect 3D veneer ?
  • Colour of South Oak
  • Colour of Havana Oak
  • Colour of Classic Oak
  • Colour of Scandinavian Oak
  • Colour of Siberian Oak
  • Colour of Oak California
Natural satin veneer ?
  • Colour of Mocca
  • Colour of Nero
  • Colour of Tabacco
Natural select veneer ?
  • Colour of Dark Walnut
  • Colour of Black
  • Colour of Oak
Portasynchro 3D veneer ?
  • Colour of Dark Oak
  • Colour of Scarlet Oak
  • Colour of Norwegian Pine
  • Colour of Honey Acacia
  • Colour of Silver Acacia
  • Colour of Wenge White
Natural veneer - Oak?
  • Colour of Oak 1



The construction frame of the leaf is made of exotic wood. The door panel comprises an aluminium layer and a wood-like board. Available leaves finished with an optional aluminium marquetry elements in silver or black. The leaves are covered with natural veneer and coated with matte varnish..


  • Mortice lock with a rectangular deadbolt adapted for door lock cylinder (QUARTZ type I)
  • Two mortice locks with a rectangular deadbolt adapted for door lock cylinder (QUARTZ type II)
  • Four-point mortice lock with two door lock cylinders and three anti-thrust bolts (QUARTZ Type III)
  • Three reinforced pintle hinges in silver colour
  • Wide angle door viewer in silver colour (optional)
  • Fireproof sealing strip in the leaf groove which swells under high temperatures
  • Door frame is equipped with a standard stainless-steel threshold profile (90 mm)


  • Steel sheet angle-bar door frame, with a profile 100 mm wide, galvanised on bothsides, 1.5 mm thick. Equipped with a fire-resistant sealing strip, three pintle hingesas standard, a stainless-steel threshold profile in the standard version (90 mm) anda reinforcement for a door self-closer. QUARTZ has one lock striker, QUARTZ II – has two lock strikers, QUARTZ III – formortice lock, six installation dowel bars and apertures for anti-thrust bolts.


  • Technical Approval AT-15-3575/2009, ITB Warszawa.
  • Certificate of Conformity Nr ITB - 0567/W, ITB Warszawa.
  • Prepared for shortening (maximum 60 mm).
  • In order to meet the requirements of the Technical Approval, a self-closer must be used with the QUARTZ doors..
  • Fire-resistant doors must be equipped with a handle with escutcheon plate and a metal pin.
  • Acoustic insulation class Rw = 32 dB (range 32 ÷ 36 dB).
  • Project PREMIUM door frame available with Individual Usage Documentation.


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flat – TYPE I
model 2 – TYPE I
model 3 – TYPE I
model 4 – TYPE I
model 6 – TYPE I
model 7 – TYPE I
model 8 – TYPE I
model 9 – TYPE I
flat – TYPE II
model 2 – TYPE II
model 3 – TYPE II
model 4 – TYPE II
model 5 – TYPE II
model 7 – TYPE II
model 8 – TYPE II
model 9 – TYPE II
flat – TYPE III
model 2 – TYPE III
model 3 – TYPE III
model 4 – TYPE III
model 6 – TYPE III
model 7 – TYPE III
model 8 – TYPE III
model 9 – TYPE III
model 1
model 2
model 3
model 4
model 5
model 6
model 7
model 8
model 9
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