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DOOR FRAME CONSTRUCTION The adjustable door frame is made of premium quality galvanised steel sheet, 1.2 mm thick. The door frame consists of:
  • section with hinges and lock mounting apertures, permanently fixed on the wall,
  • closing profile, encasing the wall,
  • circumferential sealing strip,
  • pintle hinges1.
The construction of the door frame allows for the differences in wall thickness up to 25 mm, within eight ranges of wall thickness. Available versions:
  • version 1 version with one anchoring aperture, in a steady distance from the top groove of the door frame 892 mm (regardless of the standard) for dedicated glazed door leaves; (tempered glass, 8 mm), ATTENTION:The hinges’ placement of dedicated door leaf in Polish Norm for this door frame is different comparing to wood based PS door frame – glass door leaf should be ordered as fitted to PORTA metal door frames. Hinges in such door frame version are not delivered by Porta.
  • version 2 with anchoring sockets dedicated for use with PORTA interior door leaves.
  • Two pintle hinges as standard 1
  • Three hinges (in a door frame ’100’)
  • Allen key
  • Rubber sealing strip on the circumference of the door frame in grey, brown, cream and Anthracite
  • Raw plugs – door frame mounted in a masonry wall
  • Self-tapping screws – door frame mounted in a plaster-board wall
  • ’60’, ’70’, ’80’, ’90’, ’100’, „110” and ’120’ ÷ ’200’;
To mount on a finished surface ’0’. NOTES
  • Technical Approval AT-15-7122/2011, ITB Warszawa.
  • Certificate of Conformity No ITB-1312/W, ITB Warszawa.
  • Installation of a door frame should be carried out in rooms with completed walls (e.g. wallpapers) and floors (parquet flooring).
  • New polyester paint RAL Anthracite HPL/CPL is dedicated to door leaves in HPL/CPL Anthracite.
  • Size ’80’ and ’90’ in an investment norm (clear opening 800, 900 mm) available as standard – without extra charge.
1 Does not concern version for glazed doors.