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DOOR FRAME CONSTRUCTION The complete PROJECT door frame consists of:
  • metal angle-bar door frame with a prepared installation profile of Porta SYSTEM covers made of galvanised steel sheet 1.2 mm (AGATE) or 1.5 mm (OPAL, QUARTZ, GRANITE, Rw = 27 dB, Rw = 32 dB, Rw = 42 dB, EI 30, EI 60,, with a profile prepared to Porta SYSTEM overlays assembly,
  • specially milled profiles Porta SYSTEM elements consisting of a horizontal beam and two vertical beams and architraves made of wood-based materials..
Porta System covers for Project door frame are manufactured and delivered as a set of elements to be assembled on site. ACCESSORIES IN DOOR FRAME PRICE
  • Standard, depending on the door frame type adapted to the door leaf used.
  • ’80’, ’90’, ’100’,
The door frame can be ordered in two versions:
  • To mount on a finished surface ’0’
  • for cementing in the floor – level ’-30’
  • Technical Approval AT-15-7122/2011, ITB Warszawa.
  • Certificate of Conformity No ITB-1312/W, ITB Warszawa.
  • PROJECT PREMIUM door frame available with Individual Usage Documentation.
  • Minimum wall thickness is the lower range value – ’A’ size.
  • The PROJECT door frame must have its installation aperture enlarged by S0 +25 mm (±10) and H0 +15 (±5) in relation to standard sizes of metal door frame,
  • Range K is not possible to manufacture in natural veneer..