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Group 1 - honeycomb, hollow chipboard core or chipboard (at extra charge) reinforced with rails and stiles. Model 1.4 - chipboard core. The construction is skinned with HDF. Chipboard core have preparation for shortening as a standard. Size ‘110’ is available only with chipboard. Glazing size is the same as for size ‚‘100’. Size '100' and '110' and reinforcement for a door closer require third hinge.


There is lipping ABS on the side edges. Glazing - ‘chinchilla’ glass or frosted/transparent tempered glass (optionally at anextra charge). All of the stainless steel panels are available only for sizes: 80, 90, 100, for doors with hollow chipboard core or chipboard core.


  • lock: key lock, WC lock, or cylinder lock
  • rebated doors: two or three barrel hinges standard or PRIME
  • non-rebated doors: two 3D hinges
  • oblong pull handle for sliding doors


Recommended rebated door frames:
  • STEEL door frames
Recommended non-rebated door frames:


  • Norm PN EN 14351-2:2018-12
  • Size ‘100’ and ‘110’ is not available for model 1.4
  • Double doors are available in any door leaf size combinations
  • Magnetic lock is not available for a double door
  • Passive leaf sizes: from '60' to '100' Passive door leaves (side panels) in sizes ’30’, ’40’, ’50’ available only in solid option (without decorative applications)
  • There are two door leaves (active and passive, sizes 60-100) in double leaf doors
  • Size '80' and '90' in investment norm (clear opening width 800, 900 mm) available as a standard- without extra charge
  • PRIME hinges or 3D hinges – packed with the door frame
  • Lower edge protected against humidity with TechnoPORTA AQUA STOP technology


  • size '100'
  • size '110' - rebated doors only
  • preparation for shortening (max. 60 mm)
  • hollow chipboard core
  • chipboard core
  • CPL finish 0,2 mm - CPL 0,2 and 0,7 mm - GROUP II
  • ventillation undercut, sleeves or ventilation grille
  • automatic threshold seal
  • stainless steel porthole - model 1.1
  • black porthole
  • OFFER - prime set without extra charge
  • transparent/frosted glazing - model 1.2
  • frosted, transparent glass - model 1.3 and 1.4
  • transparent/frosted glazing - model 1.5
  • black lock and black barrel hinges
  • magnetic lock with stainless steel faceplate
  • magnetic lock: white, black (for non-rebated doors)
  • magnetic lock: black and black barrel hinges (for rebated doors)
  • magnetic lock: gold
  • OFFER - prime set without extra charge
  • non-rebated door leaves: third 3D hinge, silver, white, black (extra charge to the door frame price)
  • non-rebated doors: third 3D hinge, gold (extra charge added to door frame price)
  • non-rebated door leaves: 3D hinges, gold (extra charge added to door frame price)
  • sliding door leaves - oblong pull handle
  • sliding door leaves - hook lock with side pull handles
  • investment set (extra charge added to a door frame)
  • investment set (extra charge added to a door leaf )
  • kick panel - set for two sides (models 1.1 - 1.3)
  • ventilation kick panel - set for two sides (models 1.1 - 1.3)
  • kick panel with a ventilation undercut - set for two sides (models 1.1 - 1.3)
  • push panel - set. for two sides (models 1.1, 1.2)
  • reinforcement for a door closer requires third hinge
  • handle with an escutcheon