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DOOR LEAF CONSTRUCTION The construction frame of the leaf is made of laminated softwood. The door panel comprises a special double-layered board made of aluminium sheet metal and HDF boards. Available leaves finished with an optional aluminium marquetry elements in silver or black colour.The leaves are covered with natural veneer and coated with matte varnish. ACCESSORIES IN THE PRICE OF DOOR LEAF
  • Multi-point mortice lock (class 4 ENV)
  • Two cylinders for an anti-burglary lock – class ‘C’”
  • Handle with anti-burglary escutcheon plate
  • Upper escutcheon plate
  • Three reinforced pintle hinges in silver
  • Four anti-thrust bolts
  • Silver door viewer (option)
  • Prepared for shortening maximum 60 mm (concerns GRANITE TYPE I)
  • Additionally: Type II – Fireproof sealing strip on the edges of the leaf, which swells under high temperatures (with the exception of the lower edge)
  • Door frame equipped with a stainless steel threshold profile in a wider version (120 mm)
  • Steel sheet angle-bar door frame, with a profile 100 mm wide, galvanised on both sides, 1.5 mm thick. Equipped with a fire-resistant sealing strip, eight installation dowel bars and a stainless-steel threshold profile in a wider version (120 mm).
  • Technical Approval AT-15-6043/2011, ITB Warszawa.
  • Certificate of Conformity No 1199/W, ITB Warszawa.
  • In order to meet the requirements of the Technical Approval, a self-closer must beused with fire-resistant doors for 30 minutes.
  • Fire-resistant doors must be equipped with a handle with escutcheon plate and a metal pin.
  • Acoustic insulation class Rw = 32 dB (range 32 ÷ 36 dB).
  • Project PREMIUM door frame available with Individual Usage Documentation.