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DOOR FRAME CONSTRUCTION The door frame consists of:
  • main beams: one horizontal and two vertical beams made of a wood-based material,
  • architraves (60, 80 mm).
Porta SYSTEM door frame is manufactured and delivered as a set of elements to be assembled on site.Porta SYSTEM for Porta GRANDE door leaves is covered with base foil and finished with UV-cured RAL enamel.. ACCESSORIES – IN A PRICE OF DOOR FRAME Synthetic veneers:
  • Two pintle hinges as standard or PRIME hinges at an extra charge
  • Three hinges in a door frame – size ’100’ and for all sizes of door frames in the Portadur veneer
Natural veneers:
  • Two sets of PRIME hinges
  • Three sets of PRIME hinges in door frames – sizes ’90’ and ’100’ and in all Natural Select veneers
  • Rubber sealing strip on the circumference of the door frame
DOOR FRAME SIZE For wall thickness range (A-K) ’60’, ’70’, ’80’, ’90’, ’100’, ’110’ and ’120’ ÷ ’200’ and single leaf ’60’ ÷ ’90’ with a side panel ’40’1. NOTES
  • Technical Approval AT-15-5664/2012, ITB Warszawa.
  • Installation of a door frame should be carried out in rooms with completed walls (e.g. wallpapers) and floors (parquet flooring).
  • The door frame can also be ordered in the ‘tunnel’ version (without a groove or sealing strip, hinges or lock striker).
  • The RETRO module is unavailable in CPL HQ veneer.
1 Dotyczy tylko ościeżnicy w naturalnej okleinie.