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DOOR LEAF CONSTRUCTION Frame-and-panel door leaf, plywood muntins guarantee a durability of the door construction. Satin, flat surface is ensured by UV finishing. Model A.1 is available with a mirror on one or two sides. In door leaves with a mirror on one side there is a flush panel on the other side. Fittings as for a door leaf with select natural veneer. ACCESSORIES IN THE PRICE OF DOOR LEAF
  • Lock with silver or golden gloss front plate: regular key, bathroom lock or adapted for door lock cylinder
  • Matte tempered glass panel
  • Round flush side handle (for sliding doors)
  • Prepared to be shortened max. 60 mm
DOOR FRAMES Recommended rebated door frames:
  • Porta SYSTEM
Recommended unrebated door frames:
  • Technical Approval AT-15-6515/2009, ITB Warszawa.
  • Possibility to freely select the sizes of door leaves for double doors.
  • The door leaf is not equipped with a hinge section.
  • Drill hole adapted into three hinges (rebated version).
  • Double doors not available with magnetic lock.