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Coverings classification

Check the number of stars at the name of selected finish.

A number of groups have been taken into account in the Porta classification, while the division into groups has been based on finish quality, as the key factor of its durability and resistance to outdoor factors. We hope that our classification will help you take the best decision and make optimal selection. Each presented product is provided with an information on the classifiction of applied veneer.


The basic Porta class ensures long-term use in household conditions.

Standart paint
Portadecor, Portasynchro 3D


An extended STANDARD class, characterised by increased parameters of abrasiveness and resistance to humidity.

Super Matt veneer, Standard UV paint, Coated steel sheet


A class ideally combining aesthetics with a gurantee of high functional quality; its suggested use includes residential apartments and office premises.

Premium UV paint, Premium Lacquered Veneer, Portaperfect 3D veneer, Natural Veneer, Natural veneer - Select, Natural Oak Satin Veneer, Premium Polyester Paint, Galvanized steel sheet, Prime paint


A class, combining consistently permanent functionality with elegance, wherever doors are directly exposed to long-term impacts of outdoor factors; suggested use at hotels, public utility buildings and office premises.

Premium Plus UV paint, Portalamino veneer, Matt Lacquered Veneer


A class with parameters which ensure protection for intensively used doors, provided with this type of veneer. Intended for areas of high personal traffic, where every day thousands of people pass through the door.

Gladstone/Halifax board, Laminated steel sheet (PVC), CPL HQ 0,2 laminate, HPL and CPL 0,7 HQ laminate, Stainless steel

Meeting your specific requirements and in line with European standards, we have developed a classification of veneer types, taking into account various external factors, directly affecting the durability and lifespan of door surfaces. The classification has been based on the following factors which exert their impacts on doors and their veneered surfaces in daily use:



Unavoidable wear in the course of use of any door. Doors are every day exposed to multiple rubbing and/or small collisions exerted by persons who, while passing through, have often their hands occupied with carried documents or personal belongings which prevent or make difficult the proper handling of doors. The door leaf surface has to resist the games of children, also home pets often do not spare doors when expecting the arrival of household members.



Direct exposure to highly humid air affects the veneer and its resistance is just the factor which guarantees the stability of shape and uniform surface throughout the entire period of door use.



Cleanup works, both at home and at work, impose the necessity to use cleaning agents, what is not irrelevant for door surface durability.



A factor, causing colour tone changes in long-term perspecive of door use. We have tested for you all the veneer types and the way they react to daylight after years of use and we may declare with pride and conviction that the selected by us door veneer solutions achieve excellent results throughout the entire period of their use