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PORTA HIDE concealed doors. Get to know their possibilities!

PORTA HIDE concealed doors. Get to know their possibilities!

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PORTA HIDE concealed sashes are one door and so many arrangement possibilities. You can design them according to your own idea. Wallpaper, paint, paste, add decorative strips and also order in veneer and with decorative glass.

It depends only on the client’s imagination whether he will hide the door so that it merges with the wall and is practically invisible, or whether he will decide to bring it to the foreground by painting or decorating it in a unique and unique way.

PORTA HIDE concealed doors

PORTA HIDE Model 1.1 in Primer Lacquer for self-painting and wallpapering

It is worth remembering to buy conveniently in a set: door + frame + handle – this is the best option to gain a designer atmosphere of the interior.

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

Wings from this collection can be purchased in Primer Lacquer for self-wallpapering and painting. White Primer Lacquer offers endless arrangement possibilities. You can also stick light stucco on painted doors, thus creating beautiful classic interiors. Thanks to the use of interesting wallpaper, the door will hide and be almost invisible.

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

PORTA HIDE for self-finishing

You can also order concealed doors in the veneer of your choice

Doors from the PORTA HIDE collection can be ordered in selected PORTA veneer, also in veneer, i.e. natural veneer. There are as many as 40 colors of veneers to choose from! Among others, the fashionable color Lorenzo Oak or Natural Hickory, which is also found in the furniture industry. Thanks to this, it is possible to adapt the door to the built-in, e.g. kitchen to size.

An interesting solution will be the use of veneer in light or dark concrete. PORTA HIDE sashes finished in this way will work well in industrial interiors.

PORTA HIDE Model 1.1

PORTA HIDE Model 1.1 in Lorenzo Oak, SIMPLE handle white

PORTA HIDE in veneer is an elegant covering characterized by a variety of colors or different grain patterns. It is a veneer that feels like wood, varnished with an ecological, colorless varnish.

Decorative glass in hidden doors

But that’s not all. PORTA HIDE doors are also available with a decorative, vertical matte glazing. This solution will work well with natural or synthetic veneers, as well as with uniform colors available in the PORTA HIDE palette (White, Grey, Uni colors).

Trends 2024. Favorite Uni Colours

Uni Colours are uniform colours without additional patterns or decorations, they are a key element of contemporary interior design. It is a palette of subdued, harmonious shades that give the rooms elegance and peace. Uni Kolor can be the basis for a minimalist décor, allowing you to create a modern space.

The PORTA HIDE collection can be complemented by three shades from the Uni Colours palette in lacquered Matt veneer: Grey Platinum Matt, Graphite Matt and very subtle and fashionable Cashmere Matt.

Hidden doors have something magical about them. It might seem that there is a secret behind them, but in fact they lead to the bedroom, home office or children’s room. Such wings – if you can see them – look really special. They are always flush with the wall, and if you choose the ones in primer paint, you are ready to act in the spirit of DiY.

Nikola Sperewka – Homebook.pl expert