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What types of frames and sashes are available?

When buying a door, you can choose from several types of frames and leaves. Their selection is mutually dependent. To work well together, frames and sashes must complement each other.

Types of door frames

There are several types of door frames on the market, the main ones being:

  • Rimless frames – also known as hidden frames. You will need them when you buy a frameless door. They will delight you with a minimalist look without the distinctive edges that are characteristic of traditional door frames.
  • Metal door frames – The metal type of door frames, which includes iron door frames for example, is characterized by strength and durability. It will last you for years without getting ruined or worn out. In apartments, offices or any other buildings, it is mainly used in combination with security and fire doors.
  • Steel door frames – A separate category of metal door frames is steel door frames, which are also used for entrance, security and fire doors. They attract high durability and timelessness. A minor drawback is that they require precise measurements.
  • Timber door frames – these are classic jambs that can be found on the market in many designs and at great prices. Their big plus is that they are very versatile. You can use them in almost every hole in the wall.
  • Other door frames – this category includes, for example, frames for sliding or folding doors.

Types of leaf

As a rule, swing doors, or more precisely their leaves, are divided into two basic groups, namely right and left leaves. The doors themselves can be further subdivided into single and double leaf based on the leaf.

According to the way the door leaves open, we speak of:

  • revolving doors,
  • swinging doors,
  • sliding doors,
  • folding doors.

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How to choose a security door for your house or apartment?

Security doors are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to feel safer in their home. However, in order for the door to truly provide you with all the features it promises, it is important to know,☝️jak choose the right one. When buying, you should focus on a few basic parameters.

Security class

Security doors for the home are divided into six security categories:

  1. 1st and 2nd security class – doors of this class are not completely security. Rather, these are thicker and stronger doors that have better durability than traditional doors.
  2. Security Class 3 and 4 – These are the most popular security entry doors for homes and apartments. In addition, they are also used in businesses or offices.
  3. Security class 5 and 6 – special security doors that are more suitable for banks or other places where there is, for example, a safe or very valuable property.

Number of locking points, frames and inserts

The different types of security doors for basement, apartment or house differ from each other in the number of locking points. Although this is a key parameter, it is not the main criterion for choosing a door. The quality of the security frame and insert is much more important.


If you are wondering how to choose a security door, it is important to know that the price itself is a rather important parameter. It is true that a cheap security entrance door to the house will be uncertified and may be fake. That is why don’t be afraid to invest even a higher amount in the door. This is because it is an item that will serve you for 20 to 30 years.

Additional protection

If you don’t know what security door to buy for your apartment or house, remember that along with a high level of security, it must also provide you with additional protection. Some of the more popular ones are fire or noise protection.

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