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Veneer on the wall, a modern answer to retro paneling

Veneer on the wall, a modern answer to retro paneling

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Veneer on the wall is a modern alternative to traditional paneling, which has been associated with retro style for years. Increasingly, interior designers are using this material as a modern and stylish leitmotif. Wood on the wall in the form of veneer allows you to create unique compositions, full of warmth and elegance.

Veneer is a perfect solution for those looking for innovative solutions for interiors. Thanks to the possibility of using various types of wood and various processing techniques, wooden wall construction offers almost unlimited arrangement possibilities.

What is wall veneer and what are its advantages?

Veneer on the wall is a unique material that gives interiors a unique character. But what is this material really? To put it simply, it is a panel made of wood, the thickness of which varies between 0.1 and 4.5 mm. Veneer is used to veneer furniture boards, doors, and walls, becoming a stylish replacement for old-fashioned paneling.

Types of veneer for the wall

Wall furniture made of veneer can have a variety of finishes. If you are fond of interiors dominated by raw forms, the best choice will be veneer panels made of various types of wood, such as oak, beech, walnut or ash. They can be dyed in any color and covered with varnishes.


On the market you will find not only wooden wall fittings – stone veneers are very popular. They are used in the form of slate, granite or marble cladding. They are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of modern style, the best choice for you will be modified veneer, which is devoid of natural imperfections of wood. It has a unified color and a repeatable drawing.

Advantages of natural wood veneer in interiors

Veneer has many advantages – it allows you to add a lot of character and elegance to your interiors. Veneered wall panels look like solid wood, but they are… much cheaper. In addition, the veneer on the wall:

  • It is easy to assemble – an experienced DIY enthusiast will be able to glue it without the help of a carpenter or other professional.
  • It adds cosiness to interiors – veneer wall furniture gives the rooms expressiveness and visually warms them up.
  • It is available in many colors, finishes and patterns – you can choose the shade and pattern of the veneer to match the floors or furniture.

Remember that the use of veneer on the wall requires moderation, especially in small spaces. When arranging your apartment or house, use it consciously and your interiors will gain charm.

How to effectively use veneered wood on the wall in the interior?

Are you looking for inspiration on how you can use veneer in your bedroom, study or living room? Due to its universal appearance, it allows for many arrangement experiments. Below you will find our ideas for using a modern version of wood paneling in interiors:

Veneer on the wall in a modern style

For many people, the modern style is associated with cold and empty interiors that do not encourage relaxation after a difficult day at work. In order to warm up rooms decorated according to the principle “the less, the better”, it is worth betting on veneer on the walls. We assure you that it will become an ideal accent element in the four corners you inhabit. On top of that, it will add a touch of Asian Japandi style to the whole arrangement, where there is no room for coincidences.

Veneer construction in Scandinavian interiors

What is the Scandinavian style associated with? With bright interiors dominated by natural materials, with a unique look and finish. It is no wonder that veneer panels have gained such popularity among lovers of natural minimalism. Wood on the wall – whether in its typical version or painted white – adds expression to rooms maintained in the  Scandinavian style. It gives them a soul, and at the same time a lot of designer flair!

How to connect veneer wall construction with interior doors in the house?

Are you afraid that the wooden veneer used in the interiors will not match the door in your apartment or house? Then we have good news for you. To create a harmonious arrangement, all you have to do is choose  a door with a natural PORTA veneer and match it with a wooden veneer cabinet. Both door leaves and panels (available as part of a non-standard order) will be made according to your design, in the natural veneer indicated by you.

Doors in natural veneer and veneer on the wall – a handful of inspirations

When furnishing an apartment or house, it’s not only your sense of style that counts – first of all, you need to think  about how to combine individual elements of the décor at the stage of planning the arrangement. When it comes to veneer construction, we will be happy to advise you – when creating arrangements with wooden panels, choose such collections of PORTA doors in natural veneers as:

  • NATURE LUMIA with eye-catching glazing, adding lightness to the interior and optically enlarging it.

glass doors Nature LUMIA

  • NATURE OSLO with vertical and horizontal milling, which in its appearance refers to classic Scandinavian houses.

salon doors Nature OSLO

  • NATURE VECTOR with a clear structure of real oak and subtle decorations in the form of milling.

corridor door Nature Vector

  • NATURE LOFT with a striking design: the matt black door frame is combined with the natural look and texture of the wood.

Nature Loft PORTA door

Remember that these are only suggestions – the four corners you live in should meet your needs and preferences.

Wall furniture, made of veneer, is a stylistic bull’s eye. And in combination with doors in natural veneer, it will create a timeless set. Give up outdated panelling and opt for modern solutions that will bring balance to your home.