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Products characteristics

PORTA is an established brand which has led the competitive door manufacturing industry throughout Poland and Europe for over 30 years. We have sold over 19 million products during this time. The experience we have gained provides our clients with excellent design and a durable and quality product.

  • Construction
  • Customize
  • Covering Classification


At PORTA, we empower you to choose a door construction to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for durability and sound insulation, or perhaps a sleek look and lightweight design, we have options to meet your needs. Our doors are fully customized. PORTA doors are not only beautiful and elegant solutions, but also an investment in the future. With solid materials and careful workmanship, our doors will serve you for years, providing reliability and security.


While choosing the type of construction you determine, inter alia, endurance, stability, sound proofness, and thermal insulation of your door.
  • Frame and panel construction

  • Burglar resistance RC 2 class, RC 3 class, C class. Resistance to unpermitted opening

  • Fire resistance EI 30, EI 60 Ability to stop the fire for 30 or 60 minutes

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  • Smoke control class Sa, S200 It defines door’s tightness to smoke leakage

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  • Acoustic insulation Rw 27 dB D125, Rw 32 dB D130, Rw 37 dB D135, Rw 42 dB D140 It defines acoustic rating of a door

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  • Strength performance class class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 The performance levels in resisting various loads, impacts and torsions indicating normal usage for a range of categories of duty

    Bespoke design, made to measure

  • AQUA STOP lower edge protection against humidity in TechnoPORTA technology

Choose durability


    Feel the texture of the wood. Texture of Gladstone Halifax finish resembles real raw wood.


    The door leaf finish guarantees high resistance to impacts, abrasion and scratches.


    Unique quality at an affordable price! The surface of these doors has been treated with a thicker layer of varnish and UV hardening, providing long term durability.


    The veneer finish of the door leaf beautifully and Naturally looks. It is a classic that is always on trend.


    Smooth surface resistant to dirt, without micropores does not allow dirt to be absorbed and does not collect dust.

  • cpl ikone

    CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

    CPL is a laminate known for its superior durability against mechanical damage. Only authentic CPL provides such properties. PORTA exclusively utilizes original laminates from reputable manufacturers, accredited by Research Institutes.





Our doors are anti-burglary

RC-resistance class it’s the ability of certain product to withstand violent intrusion in protected rooms or areas.

  • RC 2

    (RC 2) class - resistance class to provide basic protection against break-in attempts with use of simple tools e.g. a screwdriver, a wedge, pincers, a hammer.

  • RC 3

    (RC 3) class - resistance class to provide protection against break-in attempts with use of tools e.g. a crowbar, a cotter pin driver, a mechanical drill.

  • RC 4

    (RC 4) class - resistance class to provide protection against break-in attempts with use of tools e.g. an axe, wire cutter a mechanical drill.

Door leaf

Door design may have different functional solutions depending on interior needs and functions.
  • icon-door-leaf-01

    Available sizes for a single door: min. ‘60’, max. ‘110’

  • icon-door-leaf-02

    Available sizes for a double door: min. ‘90’, max. ‘220’

  • Standard height door leaf 2030

  • Increased height door leaf 2200

  • icon-door-leaf-05

    Door leaf thickness depends on chosen construction

  • icon-door-leaf-06

    Sliding door leaf

  • Reversible door right-left

Door frame

A door frame is as important part of a doorset as a door leaf. There are a lot of door frame types and choosing one, please consider that they may come in three options: rebated, non-rebated or with reversed rebate.
  • Non-rebated

  • Rebated

  • icon-door frame-03

    Reverse rebate

  • Project BIS,
    Project Premium

  • Door frame adjustment available

  • Retro module

More information on fire, smoke and acoustic isolation


Fire resistance in the context of doors refers to the ability of these doors to retain their structural, insulating and functional properties when exposed to fire for a specified period of time. This is an important characteristic to protect people and property in the event of fire.

Fire resistant doors are made from high quality materials that have been specifically tested and approved to withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to fire. A key element of these doors is their ability to reduce the passage of fire, smoke and heat from one side of a room to the other, which can be critical to saving lives and minimising property damage.

The fire resistance rating of a door is based on the length of time it is able to provide protection from fire. Designations such as ‘EI30’, ‘EI60’ etc. indicate the degree of fire resistance. The first letter (E) refers to the fire tightness, specifying how long the door can protect against the transmission of fire to the non-heated side as a result of the passage of flames or hot gases. The second letter (I) refers to fire insulation, specifying the resistance of the door to the effects of fire without significant heating of the internal surface. The number indicates the time expressed in minutes.


For example, a door marked ‘EI60’ will maintain integrity for 60 minutes and effectively stop heat conduction for the same period. This means that for the first hour after the outbreak of a fire, a fireproof door will provide a barrier that will allow people to evacuate and limit the spread of fire to other rooms.

It is worth noting that fire doors should be installed in appropriate locations so that they form an effective fire barrier and allow safe use of escape routes. Regular maintenance and keeping the doors in good working order are essential to ensure that they retain their fire resistance in the event of a fire occurring.

In summary, fire resistant doors are a key component of fire safety as they protect people and property by limiting the spread of fire, smoke and heat. Their classification is based on their ability to retain their integrity and thermal insulation for a specified period of time, allowing a controlled response to fire and enabling evacuation and rescue operations.

Fire resistance, in relation to doors, is a characteristic that defines the ability of these doors to effectively limit the penetration of smoke from one side of the room to another. In the event of a fire, smoke-resistant doors play a crucial role in preventing the spread of smoke, which can pose a threat to people and negatively affect visibility and evacuation conditions.


Smoke control doors are designed to effectively seal gaps between the door frame and the door leaf. This sealing is crucial because it allows for the minimization of smoke penetration from one fire zone to another, thereby enhancing safety and increasing the chances of successful evacuation.

Similar to fire resistance, smoke control doors undergo rigorous testing to confirm their ability to limit smoke penetration at ambient temperature and at 200°C.

Smoke control doors are an important component of fire safety systems, especially in large public buildings such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and shopping centers. Effective protection against smoke penetration improves visibility, minimizes the risk of smoke inhalation-related hazards, and facilitates the work of rescue services during firefighting and evacuation operations.

In summary, smoke control of doors is a key aspect of fire safety, referring to the ability of doors to limit smoke penetration from one fire zone to another. Properly designed and tested smoke-resistant doors are crucial for the safety of people during fires, enabling controlled evacuation and rescue actions.


Acoustic insulation, in the context of doors, refers to the ability of these doors to effectively limit the transmission of sounds from one room to another. It is an important feature that allows for the reduction of noise levels and external sounds, contributing to improving acoustic comfort inside the building.

Acoustic insulated doors are designed and manufactured to minimize sound transmission through effective soundproofing and sealing. Key elements of these doors include the appropriate materials used in their production and special technologies that minimize resonance and dampen sound conduction.

Similar to fire resistance and smoke control, acoustic insulated doors undergo tests that assess their ability to reduce noise. Acoustic insulation of doors is typically determined using dB (decibel) values, which indicate the level of sound reduction. The higher the dB value, the more soundproof the doors are.

Designations of acoustic insulation for doors can be found in the form of classifications, such as “Rw 32 dB” or “Rw 40 dB”. The abbreviation “Rw” refers to the sound reduction index, and the number expressed in dB indicates the achieved level of sound reduction.

Acoustic insulated doors are used in various types of buildings and rooms, such as offices, apartments, conference rooms, hotels, and recording studios. Effective acoustic insulation helps to reduce disturbances related to external sounds, providing more conducive conditions for work, learning, or relaxation.

In summary, acoustic insulation of doors refers to the ability of these doors to effectively limit the transmission of sounds from one room to another. Special materials and technologies used in the production of acoustic insulatied doors allow for minimizing resonance and sound conduction, contributing to increasing the acoustic comfort inside the building.

Customize Your Door

Bring a personal touch to your home with our customized doors. Choose from a variety of designs, colors and materials to create a door that reflects your unique personality. With our customization, your door will be unique, just like you. Whether it’s modern minimalism, classic elegance or extravagant style, with glazing or mirror you’ll customize our doors to suit your dreams and needs. It is the details that make our doors unique. Every detail is carefully designed to create not only functional, but also aesthetically stunning solutions. That’s why when you choose PORTA doors, we take care of every element so that your home can shine with pristine beauty. PORTA’s wide range of collections and finishes will allow you to find the perfect door that reflects the character and atmosphere of your interior.

Match the interior


    Create a harmonious and comprehensive interior design with the right choice of veneer. Match your door with floor and furniture.


    Match the door to any interior design. PORTA offers wide selection of finishes in many colours to match any interior.


  • Durable edge

    Durable door leaf edge finished with ABS lipping.


    Choose a door with laminated safety glass. Thanks to the safety features, it will not fall apart and will take care of your safety.


    The possibility of ordering a personalized door, thanks to a variety of door adjuncts and accessories, will add character to your interior.


    AQUA STOP is a unique coating which protects lower edge of a door leaf against humidity.

  • cpl ikone

    CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

    CPL is a laminate known for its superior durability against mechanical damage. Only authentic CPL provides such properties. PORTA exclusively utilizes original laminates from reputable manufacturers, accredited by Research Institutes.

Decide for yourself

  • More light

    PORTA glass doors will work well in rooms that need light, such as a hallway or kitchen.


    Create your space on your own terms. Personalize the door as you like - paint, wallpaper or decorate with mouldings.

Design, glazing, mirror

You can choose a glass panel with different designs and level of transparency.
  • Design your door

  • Optional mirror

  • Natural veneer

Decide on the opening direction





Double leaf DOOR


Calculate door price

Door leaf price

Door frame price

Door price


New door leaf height 220 cm is available in chosen collections:
Nature CLASSIC Nature LINE,
Nature VECTOR,
Nature OSLO.

Covering Classification

At PORTA, we believe that details are key, and different door coverings allow you to express your taste. PORTA’s range includes doors with a variety of finishes, such as elegant and durable lacquer, natural veneer, and moisture- and scratch-resistant synthetic coatings and UV coverings. This allows you to match the door covering to your interior and preferences, creating the perfect visual effect.


The basic Porta class ensures long-term use in household conditions.

Standart paint
Portadecor, Portasynchro 3D


An extended STANDARD class, characterised by increased parameters of abrasiveness and resistance to humidity.

Super Matt veneer, Standard UV paint, Coated steel sheet


A class ideally combining aesthetics with a gurantee of high functional quality; its suggested use includes residential apartments and office premises.

Premium UV paint, Premium Lacquered Veneer, Portaperfect 3D veneer, Natural Veneer, Natural veneer – Select, Natural Oak Satin Veneer, Premium Polyester Paint, Galvanized steel sheet, Prime paint


A class, combining consistently permanent functionality with elegance, wherever doors are directly exposed to long-term impacts of outdoor factors; suggested use at hotels, public utility buildings and office premises.

Premium Plus UV paint, Portalamino veneer, Matt Lacquered Veneer


A class with parameters which ensure protection for intensively used doors, provided with this type of veneer. Intended for areas of high personal traffic, where every day thousands of people pass through the door.

Gladstone/Halifax board, Laminated steel sheet (PVC), CPL HQ 0,2 laminate, HPL and CPL 0,7 HQ laminate, Stainless steel

Painted doors PORTA are a guarantee of the best quality

We know the importance of durability, good design and positive feelings from the daily use of our products. The doors we buy are with us for many years, that’s why in the collections of painted and UV-hardened doors we have taken care of all the most important aspects of their use.

  • icon-guarantee-of-quality-01


    Our doors do not contain harmful substances. They are recommended for people who are particularly sensitive, prone to allergies and children.


    High-quality UV Premium Plus Paint used to coat the door is a guarantee of colour constancy for long years.


    PORTA quality also means the best suppliers. We work with reputable manufacturers of door paints and varnishes.


    Doors with durable, smooth and resistant surface thanks to high quality painting


    Exceptional satin smoothness of the door surface, achived by using special light-hardened coatings.


    Extreme durability and smoothness of the coating, thanks to 4 layers of paint.

Meeting your specific requirements and in line with European standards, we have developed a classification of veneer types, taking into account various external factors, directly affecting the durability and lifespan of door surfaces. The classification has been based on the following factors which exert their impacts on doors and their veneered surfaces in daily use:

Unavoidable wear in the course of use of any door. Doors are every day exposed to multiple rubbing and/or small collisions exerted by persons who, while passing through, have often their hands occupied with carried documents or personal belongings which prevent or make difficult the proper handling of doors. The door leaf surface has to resist the games of children, also home pets often do not spare doors when expecting the arrival of household members.


Direct exposure to highly humid air affects the veneer and its resistance is just the factor which guarantees the stability of shape and uniform surface throughout the entire period of door use.


Cleanup works, both at home and at work, impose the necessity to use cleaning agents, what is not irrelevant for door surface durability.


A factor, causing colour tone changes in long-term perspecive of door use. We have tested for you all the veneer types and the way they react to daylight after years of use and we may declare with pride and conviction that the selected by us door veneer solutions achieve excellent results throughout the entire period of their use