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Exterior doors with glass - are they safe?

Exterior doors with glass – are they safe?

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The glazed entrance door is a simple way to get rid of architectural boredom from the construction of the house. This solution looks impressive and easily catches the eye, but that’s not all.

Exterior doors with glass can have a practical application, e.g. to illuminate the hall or optically enlarge the interior. However, is a house with a glass front door safe? Read on to dispel any doubts!

Exterior doors with glass - are they safe

Entrance doors with glass and security

Contrary to appearances, an external door to a house with glazing built into the sash is not so easy to break. What’s more, their construction is solid enough that it provides the same level of security as the construction of traditional doors. All because the production of external doors with glass uses tempered and laminated glass, which is resistant to mechanical damage, and additionally – to temperature changes.

The secret of the durability of external doors with glass is the construction of glazing units, which are the core of the glass in the door. These glazing units consist of at least two layers of glass. This makes them a solid barrier against unwanted guests. The protective barrier of the glass is often additionally reinforced, all thanks to filling the space between the individual layers of glass with argon. This action also positively affects the strength of the door.

It is worth noting that the designers of the entrance doors to the house always make sure that the door structure not only provides adequate protection against burglary, but is also solid enough to protect yourself from all kinds of damages. Even when the glass is broken, the individual pieces of glass will still be bound together, which in turn will make it much more difficult, and often even impossible, to open the door.

PORTA THERMO GLASS external door (G1 model)

PORTA THERMO GLASS external door (G1 model)

Exterior entrance doors with glass – a designer hit

Entrance doors with glass are fully safe. However, security is not the only advantage of this solution. Visual aspects are also of great importance.The front door with glass will be an excellent showcase of the house. It is them, creating a perfect duo with the façade, that will welcome guests and announce what kind of interior they can expect. This type of solution fits many types of interiors, allows you to play with style and create original, but also classic combinations.

Energy-saving PORTA THERMO external doors with glazing

PORTA THERMO external doors are available as solid models as well as with glazing and transoms, and not only do they look great against the background of a modern façade, but above all they are energy-saving and extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions. The door is assembled using a comprehensive three-layer tight warm assembly. This solution provides high thermal insulation, which is crucial in the case of energy-saving external doors and strengthens and bonds the entire wing structure. The PORTA THERMO door leaves are fitted with a double-chamber safe glass (in the OPTIUMUM ENERGY package the glass is three-chamber), thanks to which it is resistant to breakage and additionally ensures higher thermal insulation of the door.

The PORTA THERMO range consists of 4 collections of entrance doors to a single-family house, available in four energy-saving packages, thanks to which you can easily adjust the right door to your needs.

Depending on the choice of the energy saving package, the leaf structure is a wooden frame or made of a super-durable and thermally insulating SolidTherm composite; a specially designed mixture of ABS and fiberglass that does not absorb moisture and does not deform with temperature fluctuations. Extremely durable, it provides excellent thermal insulation of the door structure, which will not leak over time. The leaves are covered with 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. Thanks to this, the surface of the door is so durable and resistant to damage and the effects of moisture, wind, sunlight, as well as low and high temperatures.

Exterior doors PORTA THERMO MODERN model M1

Exterior doors PORTA THERMO MODERN model M1

Exterior doors with glass transoms – effective and practical

The entrance door to the house with a glass panel that acts as an extra opening is a solution that will surely attract attention. However, it is worth emphasizing that this type of entrance door with glass is not only effective, but also practical. It is a great alternative to classic double-leaf doors. They will be especially useful when there is a need to widen the entrance, e.g. when you need to bring a sofa into the house.

Exterior doors with a glass panel that serves as an extra opening are also an additional solution to illuminate the interior. More sun will enter the house, while maintaining the privacy of the household members, e.g. thanks to the use of frosted glass. With this type of door you can also optically enlarge the interior. As in the previous case, this will happen due to the light entering the house.

PORTA THERMO MODERN exterior door model M2

PORTA THERMO MODERN exterior door model M2

Exterior doors with glazing – is it worth it?

The use of external doors with glass brings many advantages. Which ones? Below are the most important of them:

  • This is an original solution that makes the door look much more interesting than the models in the classic version.
  • Entrance doors with glass are universal – they will be a perfect complement to both modern and traditional arrangements.
  • The glass doors let in extra light into the house.
  • This is a great way to optically enlarge the interior or illuminate a dark hallway.
  • Exterior doors with glass provide the same level of security as traditional doors.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of advantages to having a glazed entrance door to the house. It’s about both purely practical and design advantages.