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Modern glass doors for interior

Modern glass doors for interior

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Doors have long been more than just a practical item to provide privacy. Nowadays, they also serve as an accessory to give a modern and timeless look to the interior. There are several options to choose from, with glazed doors being one of the latest trends that are easy to combine with other furnishings in a space and make it visually larger. What are their biggest advantages and why should you give them a chance?

Modern interior glazed doors

Modern interior doors can change the entire space from the ground up. They look timeless yet actual, attract attention and visually enlarge the interior. In addition, they can still provide a high level of privacy, depending on the glass type.

The privacy they provide depends mainly on whether you choose a completely transparent glass door or a frosted version that, when closed, prevents others from seeing what’s going on in the room.

Presklené nepriehľadné dvere čierne. Na výber dvere s matným alebo priehľadným sklom. Interiérové dvere do domu a bytuČierne presklené dvere nepriehľadné. Na výber dvere s matným alebo priehľadným sklom. Interiérové dvere do domu a bytu

Glass interior doors, such as Porta Glass, are an excellent choice for small apartments and houses. Their biggest advantages include:

  • They bring a lot of light into the room – natural light is the basis for a good mood and a pleasant atmosphere. If you have little of it indoors, you can bring it in with glass interior doors that let in plenty of sunlight. This will make the room look more beautiful and positive, not to mention visually larger.
  • It fits any interior style – a glass door for a hallway or one of the rooms can be matched to any interior style. They look great in minimalist, industrial, Nordic, French and glamour styles.
  • They are timeless – glass is one of the materials that endures over time and is ever popular. So once you’ve bought a door, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style and having to replace it after only a short time.
  • You can find them in many designs – glass door panels can be inserted into a frame made of wood or a combination of other materials dressed in a variety of interesting colours. The safe bet, however, are still black, grey, dark brown and white, which can be combined with any other shade.
  • You can use them in homes and offices – modern doors with glass panels are the perfect choice not only for apartments or houses, but also for offices. The fully transparent versions can be complemented with practical curtains or fixed blinds to ensure plenty of privacy.
  • They promote communication – interestingly, glass doors can promote communication, especially in a work environment. This is because people feel more confident when they can see the person they want to talk to before they knock on the door and enter the room.

TIP: If you want your doors to attract the attention of everyone who comes in contact with them, think about modern door handles that can perfectly complement and enhance their entire appearance.

Black industrial doors

You can choose modern glazed doors in various interesting designs that will easily fit into your interior. One of them is the black option, which will attract especially with its versatility. It is ideal for those who want to liven up their interior with a bit of industrialism.

Black interior doors, such as Porta Loft Steel, combine two cool materials – metal and glass. This creates a minimalist design item ideal for separating a bedroom, study or guest room from other rooms.

Moderné presklené dvere. Dvere s nepriehľadním sklom. Kovové čierne dvere do interiériu - izby, spálne, pracovneČierne moderné dvere s nerpiehľadním sklom. Presklené kovové dvere. Interiérové dvere do izby, spálne, pracovne

Industrial doors should be as minimal as possible to bring the characteristic look of the old factories that the industrial style is inspired by into the interior. Consequently, they can feature frosted glass, but clear glass that lets plenty of light into the room will stand out much more beautifully.

In addition to the look of the black door itself, don’t forget the minimalist black handles. These, together with the black door hinges and door frames, make the door leaf look cohesive.

Black industrial doors are the perfect choice for anyone who wants something new and interesting for their interior, that will last over time and be able to adapt to different changes that may happen in the space later on.

Design interior doors

While in the past, the main consideration when choosing a door was its practical features, today, in addition to these, the appearance and overall design are also factored in. In fact, interior doors greatly influence the space and set the atmosphere.

The choice of door design depends on several parameters, the most important of which are:

  • Interior size – heavy and opaque doors tend to make the room visually smaller. So if you have a smaller apartment or house, a good choice would be a glazed interior door instead. For larger homes, the choice is more vast. However, glass doors designs can bring a feel of airiness and spaciousness to a large house.
  • Colours prevalent in the interior – modern interior doors should be chosen in the same or similar colours that prevail in the room. This will ensure that they don’t clash with the whole or create an oppressive atmosphere that you wouldn’t be too comfortable in.
  • Your idea – and, of course, your idea of what the door should look like is also important. Only choose pieces that you like and that meet all your requirements.

Combining colours and styles can sometimes be more challenging than it seems. If you don’t enjoy the process or don’t have the time, don’t stress yourself out and choose a door in universal shades such as black. The ideal choice is Porta Glass and Porta Loft Steel interior doors, which will look beautiful in any home or office.

Presklené nepriehľadné dvere čierne Industriálne kovové dvere do domu a bytu. Moderné dvere do kuchyne, spálne a obývačky

Porta Glass                                       Porta Loft Steel

Interior doors not only for the house and apartment

Many doors for the home and apartment are also ideal for the office, study or other business space. Porta Glass and Porta Loft Steel also fall into this category and have a number of advantages. These include:

  • Porta Glass – this is a door with frosted or smoked glass, which can be either simple or with painted decorative elements. Because the glass is not transparent, it gives people plenty of privacy, but still allows the sun’s rays to pass through, providing a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Porta Loft Steel – interior doors for the apartment, house or study can be found in three designs so you can be sure that you will find your perfect one. The glass part of Porta Loft Steel is clear, which allows much more sunlight to enter the interior. In addition, rooms are visually much larger with these doors, which many businesses and companies appreciate.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that these doors for the house, apartment and office are characterized by their durable metal and glass construction, which speaks to their originality and timelessness. They will stand out in interiors decorated in modern, vintage, glamour, industrial and minimalist styles.

Doors to different parts of the house

If you want the interior to look clean and the different elements to complement each other, choose the same or similar door models. For example, the living room door can match a bedroom door or kitchen door perfectly.

In addition to the classic opaque ones, you can also reach for glass models that open up the entire home or other space and connect all rooms together. Choose a stylish door for your kitchen, children’s room, bedroom or living room and make sure that your house, apartment or office is just the way you want it.