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When furnishing your dream interior, you focus primarily on the colour of the doors, glazing and door frames. But what about the accessories? Subtle elements such as door and furniture handles or hangers complete the design of a room. Looking for interesting sets of accessories for your house or apartment? Take a look at the AZURA set and opt for elegance in your interior.


Problem with accessories? Choose the AZURA set.

Although decorating an apartment or house may seem simple, it can actually be very difficult. While choosing the cabinet fronts or wall colors doesn’t pose major problems, choosing accessories and details can be a complicated task. What should you consider when choosing furniture handles or door knobs?  A few useful tips to remember:

  • they should have a similar finish – try not to combine different colours with each other, as you could bring chaos to the interior;
  • they are made of the same materials – if you opt for aluminium handles, match them with similar cabinet handles;
  • match the interior – gold rosettes and door stops won’t work as well in a stark minimalist interior, while black hinges and handles will most likely not work in a rich glamour style.

Having trouble choosing accessories for your house or apartment? No wonder – matching individual pieces can be quite a challenge. Some interior design enthusiasts spend years searching for the right set to complete the look of the rooms they furnish. The solution to this problem may be the AZURA collection, a new addition to the PORTA range, which will bring harmony to your interior and bring out its unique character.


The AZURA set – for which interiors?

Renovations can be tiring and the desire to move into your dream apartment or house can be a factor in making quick choices. To make finishing your interior easier and at the same give you a sense of satisfaction with the final result, use the AZURA kit, which includes:

  • Handle with a distinctive surface pattern
  • Rosette for the toilet door
  • Furniture handles (320 mm, 192 mm and 128 mm) and T-bar
  • Cone and cylinder knob
  • Wall and floor stoppers
  • Wall bracket handle

Of course, you can purchase the individual elements separately and create your own sets to fully meet your needs. In which interiors will the AZURA collection be suitable?

It all depends on the finishing of the accessories and the style used. These unique accessories are available in the PORTA range in 3 color options:

  • gold with high gloss
  • silver with high gloss
  • and matt black.

1. AZURA high gloss silver and Scandinavian interiors

Do you like grey, light wood and muted colours? If you like the Scandinavian style and your house or apartment is characterized by harmony, accessories should be subtle and understated, i.e. they should complement the interior, not overwhelm it. In this case, the silver set of handles, hangers and glossy cabinet handles from the AZURA collection will be ideal.

Their minimalistic design will accentuate your taste and become a subtle decoration. Combined with PORTA CPL model 1.1 doors in White Walnut, they will create a unique combination for years to come!

stříbrná barva soupravy AZURA a skandinávské interiéry

2. Gold and boho? Take a look at the AZURA set and choose a bit of glamour.

Boho allows for many unusual combinations – plaids can be combined with smooth velvet pillowcases and patterned sofas with soft rugs and white walls. It’s no different with accessories, which can make an interior feel cosy and add a touch of luxury.

With the new PORTA range, it’s easy to add a touch of glamour to boho interiors with AZURA gold buttons and T-handles.

sadu AZURA a zvolte si trochu půvabu

3. The loft apartment and matt accessories from the AZURA set

Loft style combines simplicity, originality and timelessness. The raw bricks, reminiscent of bygone eras, are a perfect match for the black and bold wood. For good reason more and more people are opting for matt cabinet fronts in dark colours or stylish armchairs upholstered in chocolate-coloured leather.

To set the final note of the space, when finishing the interior of your loft, choose original accessories with black matt finishes. But how to combine them with light-coloured door leaves? When installing PORTA LOFT doors on natural wood colours use a black frame for contrast and then use the black handle from the AZURA set to add a touch of modernity to your apartment.

matné doplňky ze sady AZURA