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When should you choose a white exterior door to your home?

When should you choose a white exterior door to your home?

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Are you planning to build or renovate a house? Are you facing the choice of the front door? Are you wondering if a white exterior door to your home is a good choice?

Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and find out which house style is best suited to a white entrance door.

PORTA THERMO GLASS external door (G1 model)

White exterior doors – what do they match and when to choose them?

The white entrance door to the house can be an interesting accent against the background of wooden or brick elements of the facade, but it will also work great as a coherent color scheme of a house kept in bright colors. When is it worth betting on a white exterior door to your home?

Bright facade of the house and window frames

Are you planning to finish your house with a facade in bright colors? Beige, cream, gray or maybe white? If you dream of a house in light shades, white exterior doors will be a great complement to it. Such a model will also work well if you have a light frame of windows in shades of white or light wood.

Elevation with elements of brick and wood

The white entrance door to the house can be not only a coherent finish to the bright façade, but also an interesting accent of the house in a slightly darker shade. The gray shades of the façade will correspond well with the white body of the front door. You can also bet on an interesting finish of the terrace, stairs and the space around the entrance door, so that the colors and materials used such as stone, wood or brick, contrast interestingly with the white door.

When should you choose a white exterior door to your home

White exterior doors will work great with red brick – such a combination is often found, for example, in British stones and houses. You can also bet on more contemporary and modern brick arrangements in light gray or beige – such a finish of the entrance to the house also fits perfectly with the white external door.

If you want to refresh the entrance to the house and install wooden panels, you can successfully match them with a white front door. White and wood is a reliable combination!

White exterior door to the house – keeping clean

Remember that white doors will get dirty at the same rate as other shades of door leaves. Dirt may simply be more visible on one door color and less on another. However, you do not have to be afraid of white external doors – they will visually illuminate the façade and add lightness to it. Check how easy it is to clean and maintain a white door: White door in the house. Selection and keeping clean.

What style does the white entrance door to the house match?

Which house designs are best suited for white exterior doors? Check which architectural styles this door model will look great with!

Modern, monochrome house

The designs of modern houses are distinguished by a simple, minimalist shape, which often creates a rectangular, single-level house with glazing. A simple roof can be adapted to a garden or create additional space for a terrace. Modern houses are usually kept in monochromatic colors consisting of shades of white, grey, black with accents in the façade, for example in the form of wooden panels. White, minimalist doors with a simple form or with elements of glazing or decorative marquetry in silver or black will complement this style perfectly. The steel elements of the white door will fit well into the style of a modern home.

The house is decorated in bright, Scandinavian colors

A house with a bright facade in shades of white or beige with elements of light wood on the patio or terrace may evoke associations with the Scandinavian style, which is popular in interiors.If you like whites, grays and light wood, you can transfer this combination to the facade of the house which will perfectly match the white external door. This door model will perfectly match the entrance to the house in gray, beige, white or lined with wooden panels. White external doors will suit Scandinavian houses in the “barn” style, as well as holiday cottages.

Classic house design

If you prefer traditional house designs with classic tiles, sloping roofs, balconies or columns, you can also consider choosing white exterior doors. If you decide on beiges, browns and whites in the façade, such a door model will fit well into the style of a classic house. If you plan to build a house in the style of a residence with elements of white and decorative facade panels, you can bet on French doors, external windows with glazing and bars that will add elegance and lightness to the façade.

PORTA THERMO MODERN external door (M1 model)

PORTA THERMO MODERN external door (M1 model)

Exterior doors for the house – our proposals

Discover our models of external doors that will perfectly complement your house design or allow you to refresh the appearance of the facade during renovation. You will find both white leaves and modern shades of natural wood, as well as external doors in anthracite and black.

Energy-saving external doors PORTA THERMO

PORTA THERMO external doors are steel entrance doors to the house available in four energy-saving options – STANDARD, OPTIMUM, OPTIMUM ENERGY and PREMIUM ENERGY, with different construction properties and heat transfer coefficients Ud.

Depending on the choice of the energy-saving package, the thermal insulation coefficient Ud can range from 1.1 W/m2K to 0.57 W/m2K (in the highest energy-saving package PREMIUM ENERGY). Importantly, the thermal insulation coefficient in energy-saving doors should not exceed Ud = 1.3 W/m2K. The purchase of doors that meet this parameter allows you to obtain subsidies in Clean Air Program for which a bank loan can be obtained.


The structure of the leaf is a wooden frame (STANDARD version) or extremely durable and guaranteeing the highest thermal insulation, SolidTherm composite – a specially designed mix of ABS and fiberglass that does not absorb moisture and does not deform with temperature fluctuations. All leaves are covered with 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. This collection includes both full and doors with glazing and transoms which allow the interior of the house to receive additional sunlight and by this illuminate the hall.

In three of the four available energy-saving packages of PORTA THERMO,  was used a three-element threshold made of aluminum and two layers of composite. As a result, the door has enhanced thermal insulation.

The PORTA THERMO collection was created on the basis of strict selection of the best, most thermally insulating and most fashionable energy-saving external door options intended for single-family houses.

porta thermo modern model m2 kolor antracyt


SAFE and ENERGY PROTECT external door collections

In our offer you will find external door models in matte, white color in the STEEL SAFE and ENERGY PROTECT collections. These door models are also available in anthracite, black, as well as in classic wooden veneers in shades of warm wood.

You can opt for a simple white entrance door without decorations or opt for a model with longitudinal, rectangular glazing and metal elements.

The entrance door to the house must be characterized by high tightness to keep the heat inside and not let it out. It should be made of durable and durable materials resistant to weather conditions. On our exterior doors STEEL SAFE and ENERGY PROTECT you can choose a Thermo door frame that keeps heat and the so-called “warm threshold” to maximize the functionality of the front door.

Choose your favorite external door model that will not only look great, but also perform its functions perfectly.